David MacLeod, David MacLeod, co founder Engage for Success movement

David MacLeod, David MacLeod, co founder Engage for Success movement

HR Most Influential UK Thinker 2013 position 4

David MacLeod  has worked in manufacturing, the services and the Cabinet Office. He has been MD of businesses in the UK, Europe and latterly was CEO of a global business formed through the merger of Unilever and ICI businesses. All these organisations have at different times depended upon innovation (B to B and B to C), on international growth, on cost effectiveness, on customer service and on successful merger integration.

These experiences convinced him people and employee engagement lie at the heart of success in these areas and to overall business success.

To help raise the profile of the people agenda, he co-authored The Extra Mile, how to engage your people to win, now translated into a number of languages, including Chinese and in 2009 he went on to co-author the report to Government Engaging for Success, defined by the CMI as the definitive work on this subject. 

He was then asked to chair the government-sponsored, employer-led Taskforce on employee engagement, which was launched by the prime minister at 10 Downing Street. This taskforce is sponsored by 50 of the UK’s leading CEOs and public sector equivalents, while the taskforce itself is composed of 40 practitioners, typically global group heads of HR drawn from the UK’s leading companies. A group of leading thinkers and groups of leading practitioners have met and will continue to do so to input to and benefit from this work.